Croma Tech Grand Masters 3


Tech Grand Masters 3: Grand Finale

Tech Grand Masters 3: Grand Finale

About the Show

About the Anchor

Rajiv Makhni

Rajiv Makhni is known as India's Tech Guru. He hosts multiple TV shows on Technology and Lifestyle (one in chaste Hindi), he has anchored India's only Daily show on the Net, and hosted a talk show on Men. He also owns a large clothing company (but makes clothes only for women), loves food so much that he ran a chain of restaurants (and sampled everything, everyday). Rajiv was also a successful model (and manages to look sufficiently embarrassed about it when asked) and is currently writing a book (not on technology). He is a multiple award-winning columnist and writes for major publications like Hindustan Times, GQ, Outlook and may others in India and Abroad. He is married, lives in Delhi and has just discovered that Fatherhood may well be the best education in life.

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