Travel Ready: Helping You Pack For A Coastal Vacation

Travel Ready: Helping You Pack For A Coastal Vacation

Reported by Shiralie Chaturvedi | May 17, 2017 14:35 IST

A lot of us confuse beachy vacations with coastal vacations; let us simplify it out for you. Beach is Goa -Coastal is Pondicherry. So even though temperatures are similar and the vibe is European you cannot really prance around in a swimsuit all day long regardless of where you are. So if you are confused as to what really goes in on your hold-all during a balmy and breezy coastal vacation, we are here to curate it for you!

1. Denim Shorts
Best thing about these? Their durability and versatility; this makes them work well with a bodysuit as well as a crisp Oxford shirt. Wear them to your destination, and live in them and you will still be in your most comfortable and most fashionable. Trust us, it is the most reliable piece of clothing you can have.

2. Floral Dress 
It isn't just a lucky coincidence that with coastal towns come cute coffee shops and alleyways. The entire vibe oscillates between retro and quirky, and it is perfect for all of your photos as well -both as props and as compositions. Pick your prettiest floral dress full of colourful patterns and sashay in it all through town! So satisfactory, so airy, and so cute.

3. Short Skirt 
You can never really go wrong with a structured short skirt. The silhouette gives it so much space to be creative. Whether you want to be smart in your look with a billowy top and a skirt, or if you want to be super casual and just wear a worn out tee -a skirt is timeless as a fashion staple. You will rarely look unkempt, and can drag this look from a morning stroll to an evening date.

4. Bardot Top 
This has been such a rage in the past few years that it is that quintessential top you probably own. Maybe you wear it or maybe you just look at it in glee hanging in your closet, but unless you are theoretically a native of the Dark Ages, you know what a Bardot top is. This elegant and fun piece can turn even the most boring outfit into something subtly sexy with oodles of glam. Pair it up with chinos or a midi skirt or even jeans, it is sure to make you feel both comfortable and trendy.

5. Romper
This is just like a dress, but with a lot of hidden super powers. For one, you don't have to constantly keep an eye out on your posture or if you can bend, or if you can sit in a more comfortable position. It is absolutely comfortable, and usually comes in a bevy of styles. Don't forget to carry one of these for your trip and enjoy your dream vacation!



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