8 Qualities That Prove You Love Travelling In Summers

8 Qualities That Prove You Love Travelling In Summers

Reported by Sejal Mehra | June 19, 2017 10:49 IST

Are you confused when you should go on your next vacation? Should you go during the beautiful, vibrant, colourful summers or peaceful, calm, white winters? We are here to help you identify if you are a summer traveller or a winter traveller. If you can relate to even 6 out of these 8 signs, you're definitely the former!

1. You Wait For The Summer Break All Year Long
Do you cross days on the calendar before the summer break? Do you get excited when spring is almost over and the sun shines brightly in the sky? If yes, then you are definitely a summer traveller! As soon as summer is here, you are ready, with your bags packed, to go on a long vacation.
2. You Love Carrying Light Baggage
You think winters are just a hassle because of all the extra clothes you have to put on. Carrying sweaters, coats, gloves and mufflers are just not your cup of tea. You are happier to travel during summers because you can just take a few dresses and skirts and set out!

3. Spending Hours In A Swimming Pool Is Your Ideal Evening
If you love jumping into cold water and relaxing, what are you waiting for? Just being in a pool with a glass of wine is definitely the best way to get rid of the heat. Go to the hotel pool or a public pool, slip into your swimsuit and jump right in. Don't forget the SPF dose though!

4. You Love Road Trips
Let's be honest, winters are not the right time for a road trip. What is the fun in a road trip if the sun is not in the sky and the summer breeze is not blowing through your hair? In summers, you can just roll down the windows and soak yourself in the moment. Do you vouch for this? Well you definitely are a summer traveller.

5. You Like To Travel In Groups
If travelling solo is not your thing and you take your squad everywhere you go, summer vacation is the best thing for you. The air tickets are super cheap and a lot of your money will be saved. A lot of destinations also offer discounted stays to further make the holiday more fun and less expensive.

6. You Think Flowers Make Everything Beautiful
Winters make it impossible to appreciate the beauty of the flowers as the snow and fog cover everything. In summers, the sweet smell of flowers is in the air making everything more pleasant and beautiful. Also, flowers are just-so-pretty!

7. You Hate Staying In
If you think winter is boring because you have to stay in by the fire, bundled up in blankets, to keep yourself warm, you are definitely a summer traveller. You are always ready to go somewhere new, try something different and to meet new people then you should already be half way across the world on your vacation.

8. You Love Colours
Winters are all grey and white whereas summer is a plethora of colours, red, blue, pink, yellow and so many more. If you like to keep your surroundings colourful, summer travel is what you should stick to.

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