7 Struggles Of A Travel Lover Who Can't Travel

7 Struggles Of A Travel Lover Who Can't Travel

Reported by Shiralie Chaturvedi | May 04, 2017 18:46 IST

Summer means break; break from the routine, break from work, break from the city, just a big break. But then there are people, due to lack of intent or finances or company or just plain old luck, who can never travel. This is a shout out to them -all of you who plan the perfect vacation only to pass it down to someone who can take it instead!

These are seven struggles that will hit too close to home to those who love the idea of wanderlust but are always stuck in the same place.
1) If it's a getaway, you have planned it
Whether a road trip, a weekend getaway, a Euro tour, or a beachy vacation, you have planned it all in your head. You are ready for any type of a getaway as long as it is one.

2) The omnipresent browser tab for booking tickets
Bus, train or plane -you have an eye out for that imaginative vacation you will take with those tickets. Whether at work or at home, if you are on the internet then you are definitely on the lookout for good travel deals.

3) You cry wolf about leaves
All your colleagues and your friends know that 9 out of 10 times your leaves are going to be retracted at the last moment, so now they don't take it seriously. You plan a week off 3 months in advance in anticipation, but your vacation plans foil before you can take the leave.

4) You feel deeply indignant by travel blogsYour timeline and newsfeed is an active torture device, and all you feel is a deep dislike and annoyance for those who are endlessly travelling. Even if they are professional travel bloggers, you take upon that as a personal attack and go on a downward spiral.

5) You feel like a quack guide
Thanks to your knowledge, because of all those hours spent memorizing Lonely Planet, you now know everything about everywhere and people rely on you to draw them an itinerary. But only you know that it's often 99% pretense that goes into that, because you have never been anywhere!

6) You often have a vacation wardrobe that never comes to use
Shorts, swimsuits, sandals for a beachy vacation, snow-boots, puffer jackets, cute scarves for a hilly trip and nothing comes to use! Your wardrobe is riddled with outfits you feel will come to use for a vacation but alas they are such curated and particular pieces you cannot use them on an everyday basis.

7) You don't know who or what to blame
In order to accept, one must first resign and surrender. Well, not exactly this bleak, but you get us. You oscillate between getting angry at your friends and cursing your luck but ultimately you realise that it is just sheer bad timing that is making vacation your forbidden lover. So chin up, and don't stop planning, because it will happen!


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